Chinese Language Resources

Language Lessons and Practice

Online Dictionaries

  • iCiba (translations not always the best but lots of example sentences)
  • Line Dictionary (used to be Nciku; translations and example sentences; can input by handwriting)
  • MDBG

Test Practice

Tumblr Blogs



Other Websites


  • Business Chinese
  • Chinese Number Trainer
  • Chinese Pinyin Trainer
  • ChineseSkill
  • Financial Chinese
  • HanPing Chinese Dictionary (My favorite! But only for Android last I checked)
  • HelloChinese
  • HiNative (Ask questions to native speakers and help answer others)
  • Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases
  • Omniglot Chinese Characters App
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary
  • Xiaoma Hanzi


  • Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk


(Most can be bought on or from Barnes and Noble)

  • Chinese 24/7 by Albert Wolfe
  • Chinese Demystified
  • A Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese by Richard Xiao, Paul Rayson, and Tony McEnery
  • LiveABC Beginning Chinese
  • Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar by Qin Xue Herzberg and Larry Herzberg
  • Integrated Chinese (Textbook)
  • Oxford Chinese English Desk Dictionary (Yes, the big one. You can get it with a CD version to install on your computer!)

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